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BEECHCRAFT D-35 Bonanza - Serial Number D-3459
N21CN is a Passionate Pursuit Of Perfection! "The" Best Of The Lot!

5225 Total Time Since New

Continental IO-470-N STC by Hammock Aviation
SN : C595747-3-N
196 SMOH by Airpark East Maintenance Inc. 6-1-99
Gami Balanced Fuel Injectors
D'Shannon Engine Cooling Baffle Kit
Slick Start Magneto Booster Starting System
Spin On Oil Filter
Power 70 AMP Alternator
Bendix Magnetos
D’Shannon Air / Oil separator
Spin On Oil Filter Conversion
Electric Auxiliary Fuel Pump

196 Since NEW
3 Blade Hartzell PHC-L3YF-1RF
Propeller IRAN Inspection 11-28-07
Polished Spinner

The Panel "Where Do I Start?"

Hammock Aviation Piano Key Up Panel Conversion

The Left / Pilots Side - Left to Right, Top Row
United 10-00217 True Airspeed Indicator
Aspen PRO 1000 Electronic Flight Display
S-TEC 645 Annunciator Panel
S-TEC ST-360 Altitude Pre-Select Module
Stall Warning Light
Starter Engaged Warning Light

Second Row
JPI Slimline Tach / MP Gauge
Mid Continent MD93 Clock / Flight Timer With Dual USB Charging Plugs
Mid Continent MD4300-411 Electric Attitude / Turn & Bank Indicator
Aspen PRO 1000 Electronic Flight Display
Altimeter w Target Altitude Ring
Gear In Transit / Unsafe Light
3 Gear Down / Safe Lights

Third Row
Relocated Starter Button
Pilot LEMO Headset Plug
Pilot Standard Microphone Plug
Instrument & Instrument Panel Lighting Dimmer
Turn Coordinator
PFD & Autopilot Function Switches
Mid-Continent MD200-707 Course Deviation Indicator
MaxPulse Landing Light Control

The Center Section
PAI 700 Vertical Card Compass
JPI EDM 930 Certified Primary Flight Instrument / Engine Monitor
S-TEC System 55X Autopilot With Altitude Pre-Select & Electric / Auto Trim
Osborn Tip Tank Fuel Transfer Switches and Indicators

The Radio Rack
PS Engineering PMA 450B
Garmin GTX 345R Remote ADSB "IN & OUT" Transponder
Flight-stream FS-210

The Right Side
True Blue Dual USB Charging Plugs
AKC E-04 406 Mhz ELT

Modifications / Conversions
20 gallon Osborne Tip Tanks With Transfer Pumps
Orion LED Tip Tank Strobes Front and Rear
BAS Front Seats Shoulder Restraint System
Door Steward Cabin Door Stop
Bracket Air Filter
New Tinted Speed Slope Windshield
New Frameless Windows With Pilots & CoPilots Vent Windows
All New Tinted Glass
V35A Modern Front Seats Mod
Cygnet Dual Yoke
Dual Cygnet Leather Wrapped Large Rams Horn Yoke Handles
Beechcraft Long 3rd Window Mod
Hammock Aviation Center Stack Instrument Panel Mod
Hammock Aviation Stainless Steel Firewall Mounted Battery Box Mod
Plane Power 70 Amp Alternator
B&C Standby Alternator System
Lord Nose Gear Shimmy Damper
Beechcraft Long Third Window Kit
D'Shannon Stinger Tail Cone
8 Inch Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Commant Cat Whisker Nav Antennas
Commant COM Antennas X 2
Whelen ORION 650E LED R & L Tip Tank Position / Strobe Lights
Whelen ORION "Three" Point LED Tail Light / Strobe System
Whelen Prometheus LED Landing / Taxi Lights
SunBeacon II LED Cabin Top Beacon
Eagle Technologies Eagle Flush Mount Fuel Sumps
Stainless Steel Camlock Cowing Fastener Conversion
MAX Pulse Light Landing Light Controller
Vernier Engine and Propeller Controls
Late Model Pilot & Co-Pilots Front Seats
3 Axis Rosen Sun Visors
Under Glare Shield LED Panel Lighting
Heated Pitot
And the List Goes On, And On, And On!

Recent Maintenance
New 3 Goodyear Flight Custom III Tires @ 5219 TTAF
New 3 Michelin Leak Stop Tubes @ 5219 TTAF
New 4 Lord Engine Mounts @ 5219 TTAF
New New B&C Standby Alternator System @ 5210 TTAF
New All Cabin Side Glass & Windshield in Solar Green @ 5210 TTAF
New All Engine Compartment Scat Hoses @ 5210 TTAF
New All Engine Compartment Hoses @ 5210 TTAF
New Brake Fluid Reservoir @ 5210 TTAF
New All Flight Control Cables @ 5210 TTAF
New All Cabin and Baggage Door Seals @ 5210 TTAF
New Beechcraft Throttle Control Cable @ 5210 TTAF
New Beechcraft Propeller Control Cable @ 5210 TTAF
New Beechcraft Mixture Control Cable @ 5210 TTAF
New Beechcraft Heater Control Cable @ 5210 TTAF
New 3 Axis Rosen Sun Visors @ 5210 TTAF
Overhaul / Reseal Right & Left Crake Calipers @ 5210 TTAF
All 3 Landing Gear Resealed @ 5210 TTAF
New Lord Nose Gear Shimmy Damper @ 5149 TTAF
New All Wheel Bearings & Races @ 5149 TTAF
Overhaul Landing Gear Motor @ 5149 TTAF
Overhaul Dukes Fuel Pump @ 5149 TTAF

Poplawski! Need I Say More?
Painted in June of 2001 With 416 Hours In Service
Sherwin Williams Jet-Go White 366-34916
Sherwin Williams Acry Glo Red JV-50549
Sherwin Williams Acry Glo Gold 366-39479
You Cant Tell Its More Than Only Months Old!
3 Step, 3 Year Ceramic Paint Coating
It’s A Solid 9.9!

PN&J Interiors
COMPLETE INTERIOR REFURBISHMENT in August of 2001 With 416 Hrs In Service!
03/2020 The Seats Were ReUpholstered In Leather With Modern Diamond Inserts!
The Craftsmanship Of This Interior Is Truly Breathtaking!
You Would Expect To See This In A New High Line Automobile!
Another Solid 9.9!

All New Solar Green
Rated "10"

Inspection Status:
Fresh Annual Inspection! Next Annual Due 4/1/2021
IFR Certification Due 12/1/2021

Maintained By Hammock Aviation, Ennis Texas
Always US Registered
No Hail
No Corrosion

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All specifications subject to verification by buyer and or buyers agent.

Aircraft Logs:
Build Options (549kb PDF)
Airframe Logs (117.9mb PDF)
Engine 1 Logs (129.4mb PDF)
Prop Logs (14.0mb PDF)

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