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1977 Cessna T210M SN T210-62177
2515 Total Time Since New
Always US Registered
All Logs Since New
DH 4-16-14 Gear Up Landing
Very Clean Metal ( see photos )

310HP Continental TSIO-520-R9B
15 SMOH (6-1-2018)

Factory NEW TCM Cylinders
Factory New TCM Balanced Pistons
Factory New TCM Camshaft
Factory New Mag Harnesses
Overhauled Teledyne Starter
Overhauled Starter Adapter
Overhauled Hartzell Turbocharger
Overhauled Oil Cooler
Overhauled Hartzell Wastegate
Overhauled Hartzell Turbo Controller
Overhauled McCauley Propeller Governor
Overhauled Fuel Pump
All Accessories Overhauled or Replaced

McCauley D3A34C402 / 90DFA-10
15 Since Factory NEW (6-1-2018)

King KMA 24 Audio Panel w/ 3-Light Marker Beacons
Garmin GNS 530W Color Moving Map IFR WAAS Enabled Approach Certified GPS-Com, VOR, ILS, LOC
Garmin GI-106 VOR / ILS / LOC Indicator
3M WX 500 Storm Scope ( Displays on GNS 530 )
King KX 155 Nav / Com
King KI-204 VOR / ILS / LOC Indicator
GTX 327 Digital Transponder
PS Engineer PM-501 Intercom
JPI EDM 830 Engine Monitor With Fuel Flow ( New 6-1-2018 )
Davtron 811 Digital Clock
Cessna 400 AP
Electric Pitch Trim

Options / Features
Built In 6 Place Oxygen
Pilot & CoPilots Fully Articulating Seats
Pilot & Copilot Shoulder Restraints
CoPilots Door Opening Window
Underwing Courtesy Lights
3 Point Anti Collision Strobes

Mods / STC's:
Full Robertson STOL Kit STC SA1525WE
Uvalde Main Gear Door Removal Mod STC SA5737SW
Uvalde Nose Gear Door Hydraulic to Mechanical STC SA5934SW
Rosen Visors STC SA00871SE
Monarch Fuel Caps STC SA2456CE
Pilots Inflatable Lumbar Support

Rated 8 Overall
Fuselage, Cowling and Tail Painted from Gear Up Repair
Wing Paint is believed to be Original
Repainting Of wings would bring the overall paint condition to an easy 9!

Original Cessna Interior!
Rated 7
While dated in style It's in Fantastic Condition and is a Testament to the Life of Care this Aircraft has had!

Recent Maintenance
6-1-2018 @ Tach 1107 @ AFTT 2505
0 SMOH Engine Overhaul
New McCauley 3 Blade Propeller
NEW JPI EDM 830 w Fuel Flow
NEW Engine Fuel and Oil Hoses
NEW Gill G-242 Main Battery
New ELT BatteryOverhaul Fuel Boost Pump
Overhaul / Reseal Nose Landing Gear Strut
Recertify O2 Bottles

Tach 988 @ AFTT 2386
NEW Lt & Rt Cowl Flap Actuator Cables

Tach 931.4 @ AFTT 2329
Overhaul Landing Gear Power Pack

Tach 931.1 @ AFTT 2328
New Landing Gear Circuit Breaker
Overhauled Main Amp Meter

Tach 930.2 @ AFTT 2327
Overhauled Vacuum Regulator

Tach 930.1 @ AFTT 2327
New Unlock Switch
Overhauled Attitude Gyro
Overhauled Directional Gyro

Tach 928 @ AFTT 2325
New Throttle Cable
New Up Rt Main Limit Switch

Weight & Balance
Useful Load: 1353.6 LBS
Empty Weight: 2446.4 LBS
CG Arm: 39.29
Moment: 96110.4

Inspection Status:
Annual Inspection Due 7-1-2019
ELT Battery Due 6-1-2019
O2 Bottle Inspection Due 5-1-2022
IFR / TXP Cert Due 12-1-2020

The T210M is considered by many to be the best of the Centurion line

Some of the features include
  • Modern Instrument Panel
  • Breaker / Avionics Switch Panel On Left Side Panel/li>
  • **Last Model to Employ Gear UpLocks**
  • 6 Place Built in Oxygen
  • Factory Turbocharging
  • Service Ceiling 28,500 ft.
  • Fuel (gals.): 89
  • Estimated endurance (65% power with 1-hr. reserve): 5 hrs. 30 mins.

Performance Data for Robertson STOL Performance


Gross Weight Headwind
Ground Run
(Lvl Pvmt)
Total to 50' Elevation
3800# 0 620 ft 1075 ft


Gross Weight Headwind
Ground Run
(Lvl Pvmt)
Total to Clear 50'
3800# 0 400 ft 783 ft

All specifications subject to verification by buyer and or buyers agent.

Aircraft Logs:
Airframe Logs (15.10mb PDF)
Engine Logs (5.5mb PDF)
Prop Logs (3.9mb PDF)
337s (14mb .zip)
STOL Owners Manual Supplement (39.3 mb PDF)

Loan Calculator


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Email: eric@ntxac.com
Phone: 972-503-0200

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